Web Events That Connect: Live-Online Training

Learn to make your online gatherings even better than in-the room

Suffering deadly webinars and soul-crushing “socials”? This is for you. We believe online should be even better than in-the-room, no matter how many people show up. 

And, we know how to make that happen.

Web Events That Connect is for businesses, organisations and individuals who want their remote gatherings, such as seminars, whole-team events and conferences, to generate energy and engagement.

We’ll help you develop the mind set and skill set – as well as the tool set – to power real conversations, online.

What do you get?

You’ll discover how to create a collaborative online space, power up human connections, spark dialogue, make focus the default, and take account of creative divergence.

The focus is on events where most participants don’t already know each other well, with more complexity and/or higher stakes than everyday or repeating meetings.

We’ll also demonstrate how and when to use the different technologies that are available. 

  • Module 1: Foundations of online spaces  
  • Module 2: Structures for online engagement
  • Module 3: Delivery techniques for ‘producers’    
  • Module 4: Mastering online facilitation and chairing 

How is the remote training delivered?

Each module is an online workshop lasting two hours, with around twenty minutes preparatory work between modules.

Participants must complete the first two modules, in order, before they move on to the additional modules. This is to make sure you’re learning with a group at the right level.

Typically we deliver via Zoom, with group size set at around 12 participants, but other options are also possible. 

"Two things happen when you take this course. First, you gain an awareness for how terrible most online events are (including your own). Second, you learn what it actually takes to rise above the status quo through participatory methods. Judy shares the knowledge and experience you need to run better, more humane events that bring people together and leave them better off. Believe me, it makes worlds of difference.​"
"Judy packed so much value into our training - within days we were using many of the tools she provided us with to bring people together in virtual spaces."

Need More Help?

We can provide design, production and facilitation support for your online gathering on a consultancy basis.