Licensed trainers

Become A Rees McCann Licensed Trainer

We’re proud of the value people get from the training and other services we provide. And we want to be able to reach more people, especially in this time of elevated demand. 

So we offer a ‘licensed trainer’ programme.  

To be completely honest, we’d prefer to advertise a ‘partners, colleagues and friends’ programme. We want everybody to be rewarded according to what they contribute, and for our products to live, breathe and develop – not suffocate within legal restrictions and threats of retribution. The rules of engagement are therefore somewhat emergent and flexible.

Our licensed trainers:

  • Can deliver our courses to their clients, subject to a 15 per cent royalty
  • Are provided with a complete set of training materials for each course they are licensed to deliver, including slides, workbooks and trainer notes – as well as marketing copy and testimonials
  • Are invited to join, and to actively contribute to, our online learning community
  • May be considered as potential associates to deliver training and other services to Rees McCann’s clients


The current system is:

  • Anyone who attends a specific training delivered by Judy (at the prevailing fee) can apply to become a licensed trainer of that content
  • To deliver any other training from the Rees McCann portfolio, they may need additional development. There is no detailed blueprint for this as yet, it depends on the person and the situation
  • In the online community you will find fellow licensees who want to experiment with what is learned, to include it in their other work, to blend things, share their results and work out best practices together. We believe we need this developmental approach to make sure what we all do is the best it can be and leads further thinking rather than becoming stale. Active participation in this community is encouraged of all licensed trainers
  • We may also offer continued professional development opportunities, including offers to join/assist in open course trainings or co-facilitate trainings for Rees McCann clients alongside other licensed trainers and delivery partners; private sessions for our licensed trainers to pick our brains on different topics; and the opportunity to share your blog content in Judy’s successful linkletter
  • We will introduce a membership fee for ‘inactive’ licensed trainers who do not deliver trainings which generate a royalty.

If you’d like more information, please contact us