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Dive right in! Join Judy Rees and Steve McCann to taste the Webinnexion recipe, experience real online engagement and explore how it might help you. Free. 17 March, 8am UK time

“Promoting inclusion should be the business of all facilitators” write the IAF Social Inclusion Facilitators. But how does that work online? With Judy Rees and Martin Gilbraith.

Discover how Mirror Mirror identifies and measures alignment gaps at the team level, using anonymous perception data from team members, with creator Lindsay Uittenbogaard. Free. 13 March, 3pm UK time

If you’re curious about how the webinnexion recipe might help your audience to engage with you and your content, Rees McCann Partnership can help. We’re currently working with selected partners on a programme of events.

"I thought: 'Wow! This is so much fun!' An online learning experience at par with a live training-room event -- and I say that as a person who loves live in-person engagement."

Dr Bhavana Nissima, India

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