Team Development With Collaboration Dynamics

We help distributed teams to work together to make a map of great collaboration in their own unique situation, and practice using that map to navigate towards higher performance – especially when the going gets tough!  

Communication and collaboration can be tough when your people can rarely meet up in person. And the best leaders are recognising that they are vital to business performance, deserving significant attention. 

We offer a six-module programme in which participants come to understand the lie of the land. They learn how to choose the best route together, motivating and giving effective feedback to each other, handling conflict within the team, and beating technological constraints to have the conversations that lead to better results.


  • An increased feeling of “teaminess” 
  • More trust and transparency, richer shared knowledge
  • Free-flowing frequent, actionable feedback
  • Sparky, vibrant discussions on key issues
  • Differences emerge – but don’t become disputes 
  • Improved delivery on key team metrics.

The Process

Collaboration Dynamics happens in six 90-minute video meetings, typically once a week. This format allows participants to use what they have learned immediately, maximising practical value. 

Each module is built around a tool from the Collaboration Dynamics ‘soft’ skills box (based on the precision communications methodology Clean Language).

Topics are: 

  1. Being your best at work
  2. Setting a clear direction
  3. Feedback that delivers
  4. Overcoming obstacles
  5. Creative conflict 
  6. Making choices that stick

Each module’s structure uses remote-meetings best practice. Elements include activities in pairs and small groups, group brainstorming, individual reflection and some casual ‘water-cooler’ time, as well as some use of simple online collaboration tools.

Next Steps

Got a team that’s ready to start the journey? For more details please contact us.