Team Development With Collaboration Dynamics

A communication skills development process for teams, especially geographically-distributed teams.

Whether delivered in traditional workshop style in a training room, or via video conference, it supports team members to become more curious about each other’s diverse skills, interests and values, and the changing context within the organisation.

They learn to engage in collaborative influence, developing their proficiency in all three of its stages: paying attention, guiding attention, and speaking up.

As a result, the following shifts typically occur:

  • Participants bond as a team, developing new ways to support each other to do their best work
  • They become more transparent with each other and more proficient at giving each other clear, actionable feedback to encourage preferred behaviours and discourage less-desirable ones
  • Fearfulness and game-playing are reduced, and tension/conflict becomes easier to handle
  • They become more skilful in both paying attention and directing attention. This enhances their ability to elicit high-value information in any conversation
  • They become more effective communicators across functional and other boundaries within the organisation.

Collaboration Dynamics may be used at any point in a team’s development, but is especially valuable at the ‘forming’ and ‘storming’ stages. It is not a conflict-resolution methodology, but is robust enough to handle high levels of disagreement within the team.

The Collaboration Dynamics process is based on Clean Language – a precision inquiry framework that improves communication between diverse individuals, even when exploring unknown unknowns in complex contexts. Specifically, the process draws on adaptations of Clean Language for use with teams by Caitlin Walker, documented in her 2014 book From Contempt To Curiosity.

Collaboration Dynamics also incorporates insights from a variety of academic sources around team development, communication and dialogue skills.


Collaboration Dynamics workshops can be delivered a variety of formats – online and in-the-room – depending on the needs for your organisation. For more details please contact us.