Switching Training / Facilitation / Consultancy To Remote

Our goal: Making remote even better than in-the-room

Do you feel the need to switch from in-the-room to remote consultancy, facilitation or training sessions? If you have some nagging concerns about the switch… we fully understand! 

This training by Judy Rees and Steve McCann, specialists in remote facilitation, will expand your sense of how much is possible with online sessions, demonstrate ways to overcome some genuine limitations, and give you hands-on experience of the tech and small-group activities.

By the end of the training you will have seen how remote facilitation and training can be even better than the in-the-room kind – but only if some very important conditions are met!

Typical conversation

We’d love you to do what you’ve always done but switch to doing it remotely. Can you do that without losing too much?

You (facilitator/trainer/consultant):  
[After training]:   No problem. I can design and deliver sessions that work just as well in most areas, and in a few areas even better. I’m ready to make the switch.

Spread across eight hours, the online training by Judy and/or Steve will equip you to: 

Feel confident about the technology
• Identify relevant technical considerations, and deal with common issues
• Implement strategies to manage tools such as chat, whiteboards and sticky notes alongside a video stream, and handle overload
• Design sessions that harness technology to be more participative and engaging

Feel ready to overcome the limitations
• Eradicate multi-tasking and distraction, making focus the default

• Adapt your small-group exercises/activities, including those based on space and movement, for live online classes

• Discourage groupthink and amplify divergence in live online video discussions

Feel what it’s like when remote meetings are at their best
• Make real, human connections with participants 

• Know what needs to happen before and after the live online session to maximise its value to participants

• Create a psychologically safe space so people work well together even when they are apart

The three top reasons to invest in yourself through this training are: 

1. You will practise what you learn: this is experiential, not just head knowledge.

2. You will learn in the best way: a mix of engaging content and small-group learning. Absolutely none of the tired ‘talking-over-slides’ format!

3. You will be working with genuine specialists: “Do yourself a favour and contact Judy Rees. Her services are going to change everything you thought you knew about remote facilitation.” Ricardo Mestre, Agile Coach, Trainer, Consultant, Speaker.  

How To Plan Your Training

First, choose WHO is going to be in your cohort. Who else from your organisation would benefit?

Second, choose HOW to divide the eight hours of training. A single day or two half-days? Or four two-hour sessions so you start trying out the new ideas between sessions?

Third, choose WHEN to start. Please contact us for dates.

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