Exceptional Remote Training / Facilitation

Why join this remote training?

You’re highly experienced with in-the-room trainings and workshops but are now looking to be just as effective online. We all know the challenge of tracking and affecting the energy of online groups – and this is where the expertise of Rees McCann comes in.

Our live online training will enable you to deliver the courses, workshops and other events you already do… but remotely. The result will be a powerful addition to your offer.

Who’s it for?

This is specifically for trainers and facilitators who want to deliver courses and workshops online that are consistently engaging.

If your organisation employs a team of trainers, we can train them all as a group to deliver equally effectively in the online space.

If you’re looking for certification to deliver our remote training to others, this programme is essential.

What do you get?

Our remote workshops give an experience of remote training at its best, with real human connections between participants in a psychologically safe space. You’ll find out how to adapt your small-group activities for live online events, even those activities that involve moving around.

You’ll also discover effective strategies for modulating a group’s energy and avoiding overload, so that the default is on-going focus, not a retreat into multitasking.

By the end of the workshops you’ll feel confident about the technology for remote training, prepared to overcome the limitations, and confident about exploiting the potential of live online sessions to deliver the maximum possible value for participants. 

How is it delivered?

There are four two-hour modules, delivered remotely, which can be combined into two half-day workshops. Typically we deliver via Zoom but other options are also possible. 

Want this training?

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