Dialogue Skills For Collaborative Influence

When you’re solving problems together, the quality of your conversations is key.

When every team member is an active part of the creative process, individual talents are multiplied – leading to disruptive innovations that can make a real difference.  

In this workshop, you’ll learn the key skills involved in co-creating a space where everybody is keen to contribute to the creative dialogue.

You’ll learn:

  • The steps you should take to get your own ideas heard more clearly, so that they are better understood and accepted
  • Ways to increase diversity and avoid damaging “groupthink” in collaborative conversations
  • How to disagree with your colleagues in a process of creative abrasion
  • A method for giving high-quality feedback which can improve both your shared work, and your working relationships.

You’ll benefit from research into some of the world’s most innovative organisations, and discover the often-missed practices that drive collaborative influence.  

The session will be highly interactive, with lots of activities and minimal chalk-and-talk.

Both in the workshop and beyond, our intention is that:

  • all participants feel respected and psychologically safe,
  • talkative people are willing to listen
  • reserved people are willing to speak
  • the group practices having rich, collaborative conversations that draw out the best from everyone.


Originally designed as a full-day in-person workshop for a group of up to 15 people, this can be adapted for live online delivery over video conference or reduced to a half day.

To discuss how it might benefit your team or team-of-teams, please contact us.