Remote Skills For Consultants

One­-day­-equivalent intensive workshop for consultants who want to increase their productive time and geographic reach, while still meeting or exceeding client expectations. Delivered remotely as two half days or six times 75 minutes

Whatever your consulting specialism, you can’t have missed the trend towards increased remote working. Reported benefits inside companies include reduced costs and happier, more flexible staff.

But what does it mean for consultants and consultancies? How can you achieve high standards without ‘being there’ all the time? What if you could invest the time you now spend in transit, delivering great work? What if you could extend your reach beyond the usual commute, but without spending your weekends and evenings in airports?

Some consulting can be entirely remote, but much more can be a blend of the on­site and remote, allowing you to give more rather than less in terms of delivery, and opening up new markets. Consultancies can hire new talent from a bigger pool.

What You Will Learn

As a consultant you have advanced­level skills that attract higher than average earnings. You may be an expert in the complicated or the complex, and your clients rely upon you to achieve great things, often quickly. This requires the application of your knowledge at the point where it is fed by the exposure to the project, its people and its challenges. Connection.

In this intensive course we’ll explore ways to deliver great performance as a consultant, blending remote and co­located work. You’ll discover how to transfer your existing skills and upgrade where necessary.

You will be able to:

  • Create an effective blend of on­site and remote consulting skills that will meet or exceed client expectations
  • Recognise the specific challenges of remote consulting, and use proven approaches to overcome them
  • Claim your share of the ‘remote dividend’ by improving your level of useful delivery time, and/or increase your billing time yield
  • Help your clients to gain even greater productivity by taking advantage of remote work, whilst you support them in avoiding the pitfalls.

Key Themes

  • Help your clients to gain even greater productivity by taking advantage of remote work, whilst you support them in avoiding the pitfalls
  • How to use technology to see and be seen
  • How to obtain key information quickly from observations and interviews ­ with greater reach than before
  • How to build influence despite distance, via a thriving informal communications network
  • How to lead highly­-productive remote meetings which engage everybody 
  • How to get to know, and stay connected with, people you don’t meet frequently (or at all)
  • How to maintain and improve sensitivity to potential problems, misunderstandings and conflict
  • How to have those “difficult” conversations, remotely.


The course is structured around a series of targeted small­-group activities designed to make the knowledge and experience of the participants into practical learning for all. There will be lots of conversations in twos and threes, and very little chalk­-and­-talk, ­all while we connect as a learning group online, via online video call.

We will use advanced communication techniques to elicit real world experiences and examples, and thus model the efficacy of those techniques in achieving high quality remote consulting relationships. The facilitation techniques used in the workshop will be explained as we use them, so that we not only achieve rapid skill acquisition but also learn and develop new ways of facilitating in the consulting environment.

There will be a small amount of preparatory reading and personal reflection (about 45 minutes) to do before the course begins. All participants, and the trainer, will connect by email, Slack or another text­-based tool a few days before, and a few weeks after, the class itself. The “before” contact is to set context, uncover hopes and fears, and to demonstrate the good practice that will be taught during the course; the “after” provides an opportunity to answer specific questions, to offer prompts and reminders of key lessons, and help to transfer the learning to ongoing use.

Led by: Judy Rees

Judy is an author, speaker, consultant, trainer and coach based in London, but mostly working over the internet.

For the last 12 years she has helped people who work apart to work together, better, by improving their relationship-building communications. She is the co-author of the bestselling book about Clean Language, which is a precision inquiry toolkit that improves clarity and increases trust in complex human-to-human contexts.

A former journalist and media executive based in London, UK, she holds a European Media Masters degree and is a Fellow of the RSA (Royal Society for the Encouragement of the Arts, Manufactures and Commerce).


“A group of us at AND Digital have recently completed the Remote Facilitation course by Judy Rees and found it really engaging and valuable.

“The sessions bring together Judy’s remote facilitation experience and her Clean Language expertise to provide practical and actionable practices for how teams can improve their distributed and dispersed ways of working.

I would strongly recommend looking into this to help teams move to the next level ­ we have already started to implement the improvements with internal teams and our clients.”

Stuart Munton, Head of Delivery Innovation AND Chief Methodologist at AND Digital

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