Remote Meetings Masterclass

Here’s how to make your online events – from routine conversations to high-octane workshops – even better than in-the-room ones.

The pressure’s on to switch from in-the-room to remote conversations. Financial, environmental and health concerns are putting the brakes on business travel.

But remote meetings don’t have to suck. You don’t have to be baffled or bored. You don’t have to struggle through talk-over-powerpoint. You really can connect with real human beings remotely – but only if some very important conditions are met!

Learn Live Online

These online masterclasses with world-leading specialists will show you how remote facilitation and training can be even better than the in-the-room kind.

With these skills you will ROCK at engaging groups of distant participants in rich, multi-layered discussions. You’ll look professional before, during and after the event – and even when things go wrong. Whisper it… your online meetings might even be fun.

The training will equip you to:

Feel confident about the technology:

  • Identify relevant technical considerations, and deal with common issues
  • Implement strategies to manage tools such as chat and whiteboards alongside a video stream, and handle overload
  • Design sessions that harness technology to be more participative and engaging

Feel ready to overcome the limitations:

  • Eradicate multi-tasking and distraction, making focus the default
  • Adapt your small-group exercises/activities, including those based on space and movement, for live online classes
  • Discourage groupthink and amplify divergence in live online video discussions

Feel what it’s like when remote meetings are at their best:

  • Make real, human connections with participants
  • Know what needs to happen before and after the live online session to maximise its value to participants
  • Create a psychologically safe space so people work well together even when they are apart.

Make A Difference

Here’s the thing. We’ve had enough of rambling remote meetings and horrible hybrids. We think it’s time to unleash the potential of creative online collaboration so that we can enjoy working together, irrespective of distance.

Great online and hybrid meetings are possible. We’ve now demonstrated it time and time again, and taught many others to do the same.

We think it’s time to change the remote-meetings paradigm. Are you with us?

Meetings are where the action is… It is in meetings that we agree on how we will make or break the future.” Elise Keith


The course is delivered via video conference ­ either Zoom (preferred) or the tool your organisation currently uses. It can be done as a single day (7 hours including breaks); two half­days; or six separate blocks of around 75 minutes each.

There will be some preparatory reading, reflection and research tasks, totalling 45 to 90 minutes per participant.

All participants, and the trainer, will connect by email, Slack or another text­-based tool a few days before, and a few weeks after, the class itself. The “before” contact is to set context, uncover hopes and fears, and to demonstrate the good practice that will be taught during the course; the “after” provides an opportunity to answer specific questions, to offer prompts and reminders of key lessons, and help to transfer the learning to ongoing use.

The course will be highly interactive and experiential, with activities drawing on real ­life example challenges brought by participants. Brain­-friendly learning principles will be used, adapted for the online video conference context.

Maximum group size: 12

Your Trainer: Judy Rees

Judy is an author, speaker, consultant, trainer and coach based in London, but mostly working over the internet.

For the last 12 years she has helped people who work apart to work together, better, by improving their relationship-building communications. She is the co-author of the bestselling book about Clean Language, which is a precision inquiry toolkit that improves clarity and increases trust in complex human-to-human contexts.

A former journalist and media executive based in London, UK, she holds a European Media Masters degree and is a Fellow of the RSA (Royal Society for the Encouragement of the Arts, Manufactures and Commerce).


“We’ve already seen improvements in our weekly meetings, and have been able to both reduce meeting time and increase the amount of relevant material discussed! We’re also having good progress with reworking how our dev team gets user feedback, by incorporating the use of breakout rooms and liberating structures.”

Jake Sedlacek, Shield GEO

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