Leading Exceptional Remote Meetings

Why join this remote training?

Too many people have to endure rambling remote meetings where half the attendees are either switched off, thinking about something else, or reading their emails. Let’s make remote meetings productive and even fun! We are all about creating more inclusive and interactive spaces where things actually get achieved.

Who’s it for?

It’s for businesses, organisations and individuals who want their remote business meetings, from routine team meetings to problem-solving sessions and small workshops, to be even better than in-the-room… but whose experience, up to now, is that online is not as good.

What do you get?

Focusing on everyday online meetings, you’ll discover how to create a collaborative online space, power up human connections, spark dialogue, make focus the default, and take account of creative divergence. We’ll also show how and when to use the different technologies that are available.

  • Module 1: Foundations of online spaces
  • Module 2: Structures for online engagement
  • Module 3: Delivery techniques for ‘producers’
  • Module 4: Mastering online facilitation and chairing

How is the remote training delivered?

Each module is an online workshop lasting two hours, with around twenty minutes pre-work. Participants must complete the first two modules, in order, before you move on to the additional modules: this is just to make sure you’re learning with a group at the right level. You can specify your meeting technology, with certain constraints, though typically we deliver via Zoom


“We’ve already seen improvements in our weekly meetings, and have been able to both reduce meeting time and increase the amount of relevant material discussed! We’re also having good progress with reworking how our dev team gets user feedback, by incorporating the use of breakout rooms and liberating structures.”

Jake Sedlacek, Shield GEO

“The sessions bring together Judy’s remote facilitation experience and her Clean Language expertise to provide practical and actionable practices for how teams can improve their distributed and dispersed ways of working.I would strongly recommend looking into this to help teams move to the next level – we have already started to implement the improvements with internal teams and our clients.”

Stuart Munton, head of Delivery Innovation AND Chief Methodologist at AND Digital

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