Our experience has shown us that there are better ways of convening online to achieve meaningful results.

We’ve taken a lead in brining together colleagues globally to spell out some of the principles that work, and published a joint Manifesto. 

We’d love you to check it out and – if you agree with where we’re coming from – to become a signatory. 


Planning a hybrid gathering, with some people together in the same physical space, others joining remotely? Make no mistake: engagement will be a real challenge.

But great hybrid gatherings are possible

In a brand-new, free ebook, Judy Rees tells real-life stories of hybrid successes and sets out the principles that underpin them. 

“This is brilliant, so easy to read, insightful and packed with great tips and ideas.” Phil Read


Combining Liberating Structures with Clean approaches

Liberating Structures and Clean approaches to working with groups fit together brilliantly: so well that it’s become second-nature for me to combine the two whenever I’m working as a facilitator. But it’s not obvious to everyone – especially if they’re new to one (or both) of the approaches – how that might work. So I’d like to share some examples from a recent project. We were back ‘in real life’,

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Judy Rees

Our online unconference grows up

The delegate was visibly upset. “Right now this is not really Open Space, something is really getting lost along the way… I’m upset and sad about that…” Her voice cracked

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