Bringing Great Minds Together - Distance No Barrier!

Bringing Great Minds Together -
Distance No Barrier!

Core Offerings

Remote Meetings Masterclass

“Meetings are where the action is… It is in meetings that we agree on how we will make or break the future.” Are your online and hybrid meetings really delivering? It’s time to upgrade.

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Remote Training / Facilitation Skills

Need to switch from in-the-room to remote consultancy, facilitation or training? This training will give you hands-on experience of just how active and engaging online can be.

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Distributed Team Development

Distributed team feeling disconnected? We’ll help them to bond and to boost their collaboration skills from wherever they’re based. No travel needed!

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Remote Meetings Masterclass: Public Course

After this workshop, you will ROCK at engaging groups of distant participants in rich, multi-layered discussions. You’ll look professional before, during and after the event – and even when things go wrong. Whisper it… your online meetings might even be fun. Hosted live online by Judy Rees and Lisette Sutherland. More details >>>

Meet The Team

Judy Rees

Judy Rees headshot

Judy Rees has introduced scores of trainers, coaches, and facilitators to the joy of live online training – including within large organisations such as the RSA

For the last three years, she’s been the host of one of the world’s first online-video unconferences, Metaphorum, which connects 150 people around the world in a 13-hour live-learning marathon. As a news editor, and later as a media executive, she also managed large remote teams for many years. 

The co-author of Clean Language: Revealing Metaphors And Opening Minds, she is a regular keynote speaker at Agile and other events around the world.

Steve McCann

Steve McCann headshot

Steve McCann has had a long and interesting international career involving management of and relationships with remote teams, some of them in the more complex and hostile parts of the world, in organisations and projects with more than just deadlines and profit margins at risk.

After a short commission in the UK military Steve took up a role in the UN involving logistic and security work in the Balkans during the conflict, followed by five more domestic years in project and management consultancy, that saw the start of his professional training career.

From 2003-2019 he owned Safer Edge, a boutique risk advisory business working in humanitarian type security all over the world, often in challenging places with teams working at great risk.


“Judy and Steve delivered a journey as much as a workshop – something I could see unfold as my team explored communication in ways I’m sure many had not before. 

“For us, creative collaborative dialogue was like… so many different things, and in understanding those differences we saw each other more clearly.

“The biggest takeaways from the day were the models introduced, along with the practice to make them fit daily work…  As a precursor to a day of collaborative innovation (a very successful 24 hour hackathon), the workshop was everything we could’ve hoped for and more!”

Kyle Richardson

Development Manager, MiTek Industries

“Do yourself a favor and contact Judy Rees. 

“Her services are going to change everything you thought you knew about remote facilitation.”

Ricardo Mestre

Agile Coach, Trainer, Consultant, Speaker, Portugal

“Judy Rees is at the top of her game and possibly the leading thinker on facilitating remote meetings effectively by disrupting the usual way of doing it. 

“I spent 90 minutes with her yesterday learning how to do this and recommend her and her work in a heartbeat.” 

Paul Crick 

Management Consultant, UK

“I experienced Judy Rees’s very interesting disruptive webinar facilitation, what she calls a ‘Webinnexion’, twice. I thought, “Wow, this was so much fun!” 

“Then, when I applied her very simple and easy facilitation recipe into my own webinar, I realised the full breadth and beauty of her work. My webinar using her recipe was fun and personally satisfying. I received fabulous feedback from my participants and we are geared up for the next one soon.”

“She has managed to recreate an online learning experience at par with a live training room event. And I say this as a person who loves live in-person engagement. The format/recipe she has developed is BEAUTIFUL.”

Dr Bhavana Nissima

NLP Trainer and Creativity Coach, India 

“A group of us at  have recently completed the Remote Facilitation course by Judy Rees and found it really engaging and valuable.

“The sessions bring together Judy’s remote facilitation experience and her Clean Language expertise to provide practical and actionable practices for how teams can improve their distributed and dispersed ways of working.

“I would strongly recommend looking into this to help teams move to the next level – we have already started to implement the improvements with internal teams and our clients.”

Stuart Munton

Head of Delivery Innovation AND Chief Methodologist at AND Digital

“The session we had at Convert with Judy was transformational. 

“She handled a completely remote team of more than a dozen, strong willed and outspoken individuals like a champ and conducted a rapid fire, amazingly innovation event that sparked so many out of the box ideas.  We have a list of projects to execute and a new respect for each other’s perspectives.

“I highly recommend Judy in all virtual and real world settings. Her skill as a moderator is nonpareil.”

Trina Moitra

Head of Marketing,

“Judy performed a session on Collaborative Influence for remote workers at my company.

“I wasn’t sure what to expect – but she engaged the entire audience and we left not only with new knowledge about ways to use tools (a side effect), but also new techniques to engage others and discover what’s most important in collaborative influence.

“A very enlightening session — in fact, after it was over, people reached out to me asking for more. They were genuinely engaged and excited.

“Highly recommend Judy and all her training!”

Heidi Araya

Director of Agile Transformation